A Bitcoin Scary Tale 

Once upon a time, a husband and wife decided to invest in cryptocurrency to secure their own free space in the kingdom. First, they had to find their way through the treacherous landscape safely. Little did they know the forest was so full of lions and tigers and bears (Oh My!). Soon they were on their way to the pot of gold – but not before they survived a series of pitfalls and traps. After slaying many dragons (surfing the web, getting certifications and investing) and surviving the maze at the castle (market exchanges) and mastering our fencing skills (obtaining and using the best hardware wallet), we realized that no one should wander the kingdom alone, without a map and a hero at their side. Crypto Coin Concierge to the rescue!     ~The End~

Ok- so it wasn’t much of a coherent fairy tale, but the mismatched story is a perfect description of the journey that took place when we tried to make our first investment.