There are so many resources available to help you better understand Cryptocurrency and the blockchain.  Of course, the problem (and the reason I started a business) is that most sources will mislead or confuse you.  The language they use is too “techy” or the message is meant to get you to buy some coin or the information is vague and frankly, useless.

In the very start of my own education, I stumbled across some key podcasts that helped me to clarify the things I needed to know and allowed me to hone in on the right searches.  Eventually, I found what I needed.

To that end, I owe a lot to Crypto101Podcast, which remains my favorite resource for base education.  Matthew Aaron and the team do a GREAT job speaking to the average consumer/investor about what this relatively new technology is and how to embrace the future that will inevitably and thankfully include the blockchain.

Below is a link to a personal and very heartwarming episode – An explanation of why this technology is needed and why this podcast came to fruition.  If you listen to only one episode of any podcast, this is THE ONE.

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