One of the questions people ask me frequently is, “What is it about cryptocurrency and the blockchain that got you enthusiastic about this industry?”  When I think about it, it boils down to two simple reasons; equality and freedom.

In the current paradigm, the USA (and other global elite countries) maintain power by limiting access to the same advancements in technology from “inferior” countries.  Global corporations export goods and resources unequally, charging separate prices, allowing more or better qualities/quantities to some, but not all to whom they trade.  The dominant geo-political cartel destroys and rebuilds one “enemy du jour,” while others are left without any assistance or advantages at all.  One tactic that the powerful employ is bullying other countries into agreements that burden entire populations to focus solely on basic needs instead of growth and innovation.  In the end, many people in places around the world are still worried about getting enough to eat or surviving a night of warfare, leaving little time leftover to worry about inventing the next Apple iOS.

With this system, humanity loses out on the countless potential brainpower of the people unable to contribute to the next great invention.  This gives them zero hope of profiting on this new idea, too.  Access to the same amount of money, to buy the same amount of safety, comfort, nutrition and education would lead to a profound increase in the amount of human ingenuity we experience today.  Thanks in large part to corporate greed and government greed, abetted by government corruption, human development is stagnating as a result, keeping the majority of human brains in “future-potential” lockdown.

So what does this have to do with Cryptocurrency?

A lot, my friends.

Imagine if a person (Let’s call her, “Paula”) could live in her home country AND have access to the same earning potential, buying power as the richest country in the world.  What would happen if anyone could flourish and provide investment and growth exactly where they live already? Many factors can accelerate local improvement, none more than growth from within.

First, Paula didn’t have to move far away and take her brain and local contributions elsewhere to gain access to knowledge or income.   No expense in moving, no lost revenue by spending money and energy away from her home, no lost community ties.   Next, she could bypass financial restrictions/hardships from war, such as sanctions placed by another government, deflation of their local currency and lack of access to supplies.  Instead, she can use her own “money” that is globally recognized and holds equal value no matter where she spends it.  When you can invest/purchase/control your own money, without regard to government or corporate manipulation, you can rise above the circumstances of your longitude and latitude.  No matter where or when you convert your native currency into a global currency you can and will make the same % of profit as everyone else in the world who owns the same currency.

Perhaps Paula’s initial investment was smaller than say, a US Dollar investor.  But the resulting profit will likely net more than enough in her homeland to effect a significant change.  Now, she can convert this ‘macro-currency’ into local dollars on structural, educational and nutritional improvements right there in their own backyard.  No handouts, no dependency on their government to focus on what is important to them, no non-government organizations to control their charity or sell out to their gatekeepers.  Even better, she may even have enough buying power to influence her local leadership to get behind local infrastructure projects.

Now apply this to our own country.  No more worry about the Federal Reserve, bank bailouts, corporate merger BS.  We the People will also find freedom.  Uncle Sam can legally steal our US Dollar retirement savings, the IRS can only tax our blockchain money.  The value of your cryptocurrency cannot be manipulated in a back room in Washington and devalued to serve the rich elite.  YOU are the bank.  Like cash in your hand, it can be stolen… but like cash in your hand, you simply need to know how to store it properly keep it safe.

Will every world investor be altruistic?  Of course not.  Will you be guaranteed a return?  Of course not.  Its no different than the stock market or real estate in that regard.  But at unlike those investments, you are no longer a slave to the US dollar.

Cryptocurrency has the power to elevate and empower anywhere and everywhere.  The most permanent change happens when a person can act on her own behalf for her own benefit based on her own belief, family values and cultural needs.  We are at the beginning of a freedom movement, so it may not be pretty, but the possibilities for hope and change have never been so bright.


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